Bookkeeper vs. Accountant Whats The Difference

The biggest error people make is thinking that your bookkeeper and your account are one and the same. Most defiantly they are not, while we both continually work to help you with your financials we play two distinctive roles for your company. There are specific aspects of your financial records that are best left to your bookkeeper or your accountant and sometimes the tasks can be carried out by either of the two. So lets break it down to a smaller more simplistic view of the difference. Your bookkeeper is the meticulous keeper and assistant of the ongoing financial recording of your transactions whom helps you keep your business running smoothly and accurately. But on the other side of the coin, there is your accountant whom will take a deep dive into the analytics of the data produced from your bookkeeper. They are whom is best suited to give future financial advice and how yearly tax requirements that will effect your business.

Hire a bookkeeper?

In all cases the earlier the better to hire a bookkeeper, way to many owners will attempt to shift through the numbers by themselves. Leaving them to a near impossible and time consuming transition into catching up the books and keeping them up to date. That’s why its smart to hire an Indianapolis Bookkeeper to keep your business from hitting the bumps in the road.  Hiring a bookkeeper as soon as possible gives you the ability to do what you do best everyday and that’s focus on your business. Ask us, your premier Indianapolis Bookkeeper, for a free consultation to see how we can help your business. Don’t get caught with errors on your records, because they tend to add up until they are caught or at year end.

Additionally, we are here to answer your questions! We cannot express how happy it makes us to see your business grow and for our clients to become successful!

Bookkeeping 101

Your local Indianapolis Bookkeepers will record all of your transactions in chronological order. Doing this on a day by day basis is a huge deal and keeping your numbers up to date ensures you have the cash flow you need to keep your business expenses at bay.

Bookkeeper Daily To Do List:

  • Producing receipts and payments
  • Processing and maintaining your payroll system
  • Preparing initial financial statements
  • Reconciliation of all reports
  • Invoicing

Further services offered by your accountant can also include:

  • Tax advice and planning
  • Auditing
  • Compliance Reports
  • Financial Advice

When should you hire a bookkeeper?

In conclusion, it is important to hire an Indianapolis bookkeeper as soon as possible so you keep up to date with your records from the very beginning. We will be the company to assist you with your ongoing financial recording and the daily translations of your business day by day. Your bookkeeper will be dedicated to catching your records up if you are behind and keep the process of recording of transactions as a foundation and accounting process. Call your Indianapolis Bookkeeper today with all your questions!

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