While we do have service packages, we want to talk to each of our client’s to understand best what they need, and we can negotiate rates or fees from there.

We do not require clients to sign a contract for services. We provide services on a month-by-month basis, or if paying periodically (quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc) we will ensure that all paid for services and benefits are upheld through the entire period. Payment for services is due up front, and discounts for term-service may be available.

We accept debit/credit card payments as well as checks.

Just talk to us. We understand that every circumstance and situation is different. Call, text, or email us if you feel that the services you’re paying for are more than what you need, and we will be happy to see what we can do for you.

Services can always be paid for month-by-month. Additionally we will offer our services discounted for periods paid ahead, such as quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Special periods can also be prepaid. For example, if you only need our services during tax time, we are happy to look at options for you.

Contact us! We do not charge for consultative services. We are happy to meet with you in person, over the phone, or even via video call.

The accounting program we use, Wave, doesn’t directly store any of your bank information on the site, giving you that extra peace of mind. Similar to other cloud based, or digital services, Wave takes precautions to ensure that data is protected.

Unless given direct consent by you, information about your business will not be shared with any third parties.

Good record keeping is so vital and important to a business. Even if you stop using our services, we will maintain records and a backup of your Wave accounting data even if you no longer use it. We will keep this information available for any bookkeepers or accountants you switch to.

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