Brandon Carothers

I have always found working with data to be relaxing and easy for me to focus on. Wanting to be personally successful, I've assisted many small business owners over the years in cleaning up their records, implementing better record keeping practices, and helping them to understand how to make it more efficient. I love to work with people and teach them new things, so here I am. I am driven by my ability to make an impact for others, and by the chance to take over, or assist in the types of work and tasks that others may find too tedious to do.

Education :

  • BS – Accounting, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • AS/AAS – Accounting, Ivy Tech Community College
  • 7 Technical Certificates – Accounting, Ivy Tech/Indiana Wesleyan

Areas of Expertise :

  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Business Administration

Members Skills :

Being effective at what I do is about more than enjoying looking at data. I also do well at catering what I am communicating to match the individual or group that I am speaking to. I prioritize work well, provide consistent follow-up, and check-in regularly with clients to ensure that we are meeting their every need. I have been described as being extrinsically motivated, and beyond dependable.

Quality Driven

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